A reliable partner to solve problems

Always innovating, thanks to extensive experience

Operational excellence to drive progress and innovation in our industry.

A reliable partner to ensure high-quality workmanship

Competence and precision in every phase of the repair process

We draw our strength from years of experience gained through various projects. This vast This vast knowledge, combined with dynamism and investments in the IT sector, has transformed us into a reliable partner for problem-solving and ensuring high-quality workmanship.

To uphold our commitment to excellence, we have continued to improve our services and explore new techniques. This allows us not only to carry out excellent practical work but also to ensure a flawless organization.

Thanks to constant development of new software and hardware, we have full control over all work processes, from preliminary analysis to detailed daily reports and project summaries.

Comprehensive support worldwide

Offering comprehensive support, we collaborate with all companies involved in the automotive sector: from car manufacturers to dealerships, from body shops to insurance companies.

.We can provide all our services for many units or even just for a single one. Our drive-in organization enables us to carry out the best quality repair procedure in less than 24 hours worldwide and together with a new calculation system we have developed, we are able to assess and repair damages more effectively, saving time and costs.

Our main retail services include:

  • Global Services
  • Complete Assistance
  • Strategic and Technical Support
  • Drive-in Organization
  • Damage estimation with customized evaluation forms
  • Direct control over technicians and operations
  • Team specialized in vehicle refurbishment
  • Claims assessment and activity planning
  • Project management with a large number of units
  • Results analysis