Experience that becomes cutting edge

Smart and traditional repair

An Integrated Approach to Smart and Traditional Automotive Repairs

We Offer High-Tech Smart Interventions and Craftsmanship Repairs

Innovation and Tradition for the solution of your problems

Through our branches and affiliate companies, located in 3 different counties, we manage smart and traditional workshop operations, ensuring high-quality services tailored to our customers’ needs.
Our widespread presence in various counties enables us to offer comprehensive coverage and personalized customer service, ensuring that every customer has access to the repair solutions they need, when they need them.
From bodywork inspection to painting, dent repair to finishing, with Wegrele, you have comprehensive and impeccable service at all stages of the repair process and with the best technologies. Discover our areas of intervention.

Specialized Operators: Competence and Professionalism

Our operators are trained to provide you with quality service in the automotive sector that meets Wegrele’s quality standards. In addition to performing technical repair and maintenance tasks, they are responsible for conducting a thorough damage assessment before proceeding with the operational phases.
All our operators will be able to direct you towards the smart repair services we offer that best meet your needs.

What do Wegrele operators do?