Web app

Easily Identify Hail Damage

Initiate the reporting of a claim directly from your mobile phone. You’ll only need to provide some information and photograph your vehicle through our App. Once the photos are uploaded, the damages will be analyzed, and a detailed and precise report will be provided.

Easy and Fast to Use

Through a few simple steps, you’ll be able to initiate the claim reporting process directly from your mobile phone. Dovrai inserire i documenti e fotografare la vettura attraverso la nostra App, che ti guiderà passo dopo passo, indicando persino quante e quali foto sono necessarie per una valutazione accurata del danno. Once the photos are uploaded, our advanced E.I.A. technology analyzes the damages and provides a detailed and precise report.

But what are the benefits?

Time saving

Cost reduction


Easy to use


After declaring the claim, the insured will receive a message directly on their phone. In this message, the user will find a link to initiate the procedure.


Before photographing the damages, some simple document insertion steps must be completed.


The App will exactly indicate how many photos and which parts are needed to complete the procedure, facilitating your acquisition with outlines to increase precision during the analysis. Furthermore, any damage not related to hail will be highlighted and imported into the appraisal form.

Additional Damages

E-IA is also trained to identify any damages not related to hail. The damaged area will be highlighted, and the information will be imported into the appraisal form.

After analyzing all the photos, the model generates a final report containing the number of dents, parts to be replaced or painted, estimated repair days, and final price.